Less Anger, More Love! Virtual Parenting Coaching Sessions



$240.00 $98.00 59%

Get a 60 minute parenting coaching session for only $98 and get another 60 min parenting coaching follow up session for FREE.

The coaching sessions will be done from the comfort of your home, at an arranged time between us, over the phone or through a video call app like Skype

You also will get the 5 steps to less anger, more love, that you can implement right away to start seeing some positive changes.

I am offering you a unique opportunity to start creating the family you desire. More ease, calm and cooperation. When you buy an exclusively discounted coaching session with me where we will focus on the triggers that send you over the edge as a parent and understanding where you are at, I will give you a second FREE follow up session to talk about your successes and struggles. In addition to that I will give you my "5 steps to less anger, more love" Yelling is not usually the parenting tool we choose first when addressing issues with our kids, we try really hard to keep our cool until enough buttons have been pushed and we explode.

Want to know why you have those anger outbursts?

Want to be able to be calm regardless of how your kids are behaving?

Want to be the example of peaceful resolution during conflict?

Do you regret getting so angry at your kids?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, Let's talk!

I am a recovered yeller. I know all about using fear to get compliance but losing your most precious relationship in the process, the one with your children and more important the one with yourself. Because kids don’t come with a manual, every parent needs a parenting coach.

Parenting was not meant to be done alone. I am here for you.

Less Anger, More Love! Virtual Parenting Coaching Sessions


$240.00 $98.00 59%

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