Do you know what GoalFundz is yet?

Do you know what GoalFundz is yet? GoalFundz is a new daily deals meets fundraising app and website. It’s your one stop shop to score amazing discounted deals around the Denver metro area and raise money for a cause you believe in at the same time. What can be better than that right? So, I know what you’re thinking, “Another daily deals site? I’m just going to stick with the one I already use.” Let me give you at least 10 awesome reasons why Goalfundz is so much better than those other daily deals and crowdfunding sites!

  1. When you purchase a deal from The GoalFundz Playing Field, we donate 20% of our net profit to the Fundraizing Partner that you choose! This means that you’re Saving Money and Raising Money at the same time!
  2. Every time you shop you can choose a different fundraising partner to support. You can have up to three different Fundraizing Partners saved in your shopper profile. This makes it easy at checkout when selecting which Fundraizer you want to support!
  3. You don’t have to be charity or registered 501C3 to raise money with us. Sports teams, schools, clubs, and even individuals can apply to be a Fundraizing Partner with GoalFundz!
  4. All of the Dealz on The GoalFundz Playing Field are family friendly. You don’t have to worry about browsing The Playing Field with your kids for a fun family activity and coming across something inappropriate.
  5. You always have the option to Just Donate to your favorite Fundraizing Partner without scoring a deal on The Playing Field. Just click the Just Donte button and choose your Fundraizing Partner. It’s that simple!
  6. If you have a specific goal you want to reach for your Fundrazier you can check to see how close you are to reaching that goal on the Statz page on the app or website. There will be a trophy showing you just how much money you have raised for your wonderful cause so you can keep track!
  7. We pride ourselves on incredible customer service. How many times have you called a company needing to speak to an actual person but can’t? Or sometimes there isn’t even an option to call! GoalFundz wants to hear from you, so use that customer service button and you will always speak to a live person!
  8. The GoalFundz team is made up of moms that understand the need for balance. Juggling multiple kids with different interests and often times, different fundraising needs, our Playing Field allows families to do just that. You can fundraise for all the kids while scoring a sweet deal for yourself!
  9. If you have a fundraiser and are holding an event to raise money and spread the word, we will attend your event to help. We can also do the same if you own a business.
  10. We are super friendly to small businesses. We love helping them grow and connect them to their surrounding communities by offering their deals on The GoalFundz Playing Field.

Saving Money and Raising Money on The GoalFundz Playing Field is not only a great way to connect with small businesses around your area and score some fabulous deals, but also a fun and refreshing way to raise money for the things that you are passionate about!